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Covid-19 Testing for Businesses Workplace Testing

Qured offers cost-effective workplace testing solutions for every kind of business and employee population.  Whether you require event testing, back to work support, or help managing an outbreak, our expert team will ensure your business and staff are looked after with care.  We offer high volume video-proctored Covid-19 diagnostic testing, supported by dedicated assistance 7 days a week, as well as the reporting tools you need to keep your workplace safe

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Business Travel, Employee & Workplace Testing Tests For Travel

Qured’s Covid-19 antigen self-tests are the only tests you need to travel worldwide and back to the United States. Wherever you are in the world, get results in just 2 hours, observed over video by a Health Advisor.

Whether you’re returning to the USA or heading abroad, our test is accepted worldwide and makes travel simple.

Covid-19 Testing:
Online Ordering, Home Delivery

We provide accurate and affordable antigen tests for self-use so that you can check your Covid-19 status regularly.

Results are visible in just 15 minutes, giving you the reassurance you need whenever you need it. Available in single or twin packs for home delivery.

  • Visible Results in 15 Minutes
  • Authorized Antigen Self-test Under FDA EUA
  • Perfect for Peace of Mind or Testing Before and After Being Out in Public

For Business

For Travel to and from the US

Our Covid-19 tests are approved under an FDA Emergency Use Authorization.
Our telehealth Covid-19 test is compliant with CDC guidelines for returning to the US.

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